Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More playing with art ....

Hello lovely " Artsy" folk !!
This time of year plays havoc with my emotions. I know it is SADD , so I'm thinking of getting  a lamp. I need some ultra violet rays in a bad way. Lol
But, to deflect some of the downer thoughts , I play !!! I make art !!!
It may not be a cure all, but it certainly brightens my mood even if temporarily. 
Here are a few things I've played with recently. 
I saw the video that Gelli Arts ( Gelli plate co) put out on how to do transfer from Gelli plate to packing tape. I finally decided to try it. I like the results. I can use these cut up and added to collages, mail art, art journals , even binding for homemade books. 

I painted a few cute bunnies ... They are on 150 lb watercolor paper and done in watercolor and pencil. 

I did a painting in acrylics on an 8" x 8" gesso board. I'm pleased to say I SOLD it also. 

I put together a collage of some of my artwork. Take a peek. 

And just today, I was going to write for a bit in my regular daily journal, I had an itch to sketch a face. It turned into an angel.... Then I wrote a short quote.... Then did a teeny bit of coloring with pencils. 
I had forgotten to add the " light " in the pupils. So here:

So long till next time.