Monday, July 13, 2015

Adding to my DLP and some more freebie cards/stickers for your planner, journal etc

I have some lists in my Documented life the left is a list of some art supplies I would like to acquire a few at a a time...not rushing out to break the bank, but a few here or there..
On the other side is a small grocery list...can you tell by the ingredients I'm making some kind of Alfredo Pasta ??'s so rich but we dont make it very often......:)
 And I made up some more freebie cards or stickers for you bible , art journal , planner...I did these up in my program like paint on my computer..its an old program so nothing fancy, but hope you can use them...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Just posting a little drawing I did in the wee hours of the morning....I must have been really tired.....the poor little girl looks pretty sad, when she really should have a smile on her face....
I guesso'd  the old dictionary page slightly, then used reg #2 pencil to draw in the figures and colored in with my portfolio oil pastels and outlined with Stabilo marks all black pencil, and used that also for the words..
I'd like to do a few other projects today, but I see a short nap in my future

Monday, July 6, 2015

**FREEBIE** Positive Doodle Journal Stickers

I just wanted to offer some freebie doodles that can be run through a xyron sticker maker,or cut out and glue onto your pages in your art journal, bible journal or Documented Life Planner...
Just right click on the pic and save to your computer files.... You can make them as small or as large as you want..... 
I hope you can find some use for them...Enjoy!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Today is my Birthday !! Yay ! and some abstract art play ...

the bottom photo is just a pic I took with my camera...The top is scanned and lost color.

                                                              I played around with my paints yesterday in my art journal....I wanted to do something with an abstract feel...Here is the kicker...I wouldnt let myself use a this painting was all done with a catalyst tool , scraping the paint on...I also used black in and a fine tip applicator on Dina Wakely Heavy body black paint  then of course my finger. oh and a white paint pen to do some unreadable
I tried another one, again no brush was used...But this time I used colors that are usually not in my pallette...I do like the combination...'s my Birthday today....Guess what I'm going to be doing....yep ! playing in paint ...Bliss !!