Monday, September 7, 2015

Just keep swimming...

I'm very ashamed that it's been so long since I made a post last. 
I've been up to so many things. 
I'm notorious for jumping from one thing to the next , it's what I do. ☺️
THE PHOTO above is a fish I drew up and painted very quickly for my daughter. 
She bought the Hawaiian blue for her bathroom and wanted a tropical fish theme. 
I found this color palette on Pinterest and went with these vors for the fish. 
I've also been busy taking a class here and there. Here are some little things I had worked on for a class by Pam Garrison. It was so fun. I had to draw blind then find an object or objects in the blind doodling and paint them....
Here is a painting I did while doing a workshop  with Sandrine Pellissier . I had to paint an abstract background , the. Find the o jets and basically paint the negative space around my subjects and of course add more color and details.
This was a wonderful workshop and I enjoyed this one soooo very much !!

I have more goodies and projects to share. I'm going to make myself post again tomorrow. 
Hope you are all finding joy in your own art !!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Adding to my DLP and some more freebie cards/stickers for your planner, journal etc

I have some lists in my Documented life the left is a list of some art supplies I would like to acquire a few at a a time...not rushing out to break the bank, but a few here or there..
On the other side is a small grocery list...can you tell by the ingredients I'm making some kind of Alfredo Pasta ??'s so rich but we dont make it very often......:)
 And I made up some more freebie cards or stickers for you bible , art journal , planner...I did these up in my program like paint on my computer..its an old program so nothing fancy, but hope you can use them...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Just posting a little drawing I did in the wee hours of the morning....I must have been really tired.....the poor little girl looks pretty sad, when she really should have a smile on her face....
I guesso'd  the old dictionary page slightly, then used reg #2 pencil to draw in the figures and colored in with my portfolio oil pastels and outlined with Stabilo marks all black pencil, and used that also for the words..
I'd like to do a few other projects today, but I see a short nap in my future

Monday, July 6, 2015

**FREEBIE** Positive Doodle Journal Stickers

I just wanted to offer some freebie doodles that can be run through a xyron sticker maker,or cut out and glue onto your pages in your art journal, bible journal or Documented Life Planner...
Just right click on the pic and save to your computer files.... You can make them as small or as large as you want..... 
I hope you can find some use for them...Enjoy!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Today is my Birthday !! Yay ! and some abstract art play ...

the bottom photo is just a pic I took with my camera...The top is scanned and lost color.

                                                              I played around with my paints yesterday in my art journal....I wanted to do something with an abstract feel...Here is the kicker...I wouldnt let myself use a this painting was all done with a catalyst tool , scraping the paint on...I also used black in and a fine tip applicator on Dina Wakely Heavy body black paint  then of course my finger. oh and a white paint pen to do some unreadable
I tried another one, again no brush was used...But this time I used colors that are usually not in my pallette...I do like the combination...'s my Birthday today....Guess what I'm going to be doing....yep ! playing in paint ...Bliss !!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My birthday present ... A peek into my DLP planner.

A little sketching here and there.

I'm so excited to finally have a new sewing machine. 
Hubby is so good to me. He wanted to keep it a surprise, but at the same time
He wanted to make sure the make, model and features were what I would want. 
She's nothing fancy but when she sews, she hums like an angel. Lol 
And I thought I'd show just a few pages of my prepared Documented Life planner. 
There's so much more I want to do in it , I usually just sit and do a few things here and there. 

There are a ton of places online to find nest printable a for your planner or faith journal. I found some cute hand drawn ones and ran then through my xyron sticker maker and voila. 
More projects in the works. 
Hugs and hoping you all have a fun creative Monday. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Art when sleep eludes me ....

I have a really bad habit of wanting to create....write, draw, paint , sew , cook whatever , after i've taken my sleep aid but can't fall asleep....
Ive done some crazy stuff before, forgetting about it, only to be either pleasantly or shockingly surprised the following
This little watercolor illustration didnt shock me or gag me, but i remember using gesso  because the pages
in this particular art journal are too thin...I do not like the way the watercolor paints reacted on the gesso....
  Then just for the fun of it I drew up a little paper lady and her trusty poochy dog to keep her company...She lives in the little sacred quiet village...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A little about the Documented Life Project

I did up a few tags to add to my planner/ journal for The Documented Life Project
Hello all ! How are you on this wonderful Thursday afternoon ?
I wanted to share with everyone , if they haven't already heard of it, this wonderful year long project/ challenge that is going on at Art to the 5th ....This is a wonderful place for learning and growing your art skills and having fun and community...four very talented gals have joined together to create this place on the web for anyone who loves art and creativity...
The Documented Life Project is all about challenging yourself to keep growing but having fun during your creative's also functional..
I'm involved and I love the idea of turning a plain Moleskin Planner, into an art journal slash artsy planner and all around fun creative place to stay on track with your busy life but have fun while you do...
The cards up above I just threw down some color on 2 of them with watercolors, the other with soft water soluable pastel crayons. The other is drawn out with marker first.
These will then be added to pages to brighten them up or i can journal on the backside....
i need to scoot for now, I've got an online class going and there is an assignment for today......
Pictures tomorrow ....hugs

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More Creative stuff.....

I doodled some little letters and marks, shapes, etc with watercolor. These will now become little elements for a background in a painting or an art journal page.I will spray with a fixative first so that the watercolor doesn't smear.

As promised, I have some more creative ditties to share...
Art is art....whether it is a wall sized canvas painting, or a doodle on notebook paper,... it could be slapping paint on a sheet of watercolor paper, or gluing pretty paper down in an art journal....
Being creative and enjoying it is the theme here on my Blog.....
Here are  just a few things I play with when I'm in the creative mood, but not quite wanting to get out a canvas or paint board.....

I have always been fascinated with altered books...My daughter gave me one of my Grandson's small board books and I guesso'd each page and painted the front and back...I will be adding to it's pages as the mood strikes me....
More tomorrow ...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How Wonderful to be here !!


Some recent art projects...a few are from classes I've taken with Mindy Lacefield

Hello artsy friends.... I can't tell you how excited I am to be here , getting to share with you the process and evolution of my Whimsy and Art !!
I am going to start with going back actually, and adding pictures and descriptions of some of my early art journal pages, doodles and artsy experiments !!
This blog will be all about art...I will be making an effort to add something every day, even if it is a doodle or sketch I did while on the phone that's all about the journey, the process and evolving ....Every mark you make, every time you lay a blotch of color to paper ( or any surface of your choice)every time you put words down , documenting your feelings, thoughts, likes,'s all is being creative in some way !!!!
And....I am going to be encouraging anybody and everybody, who shares this love for creativity with me, to share their art, words or marks HERE on my page.....That's what makes it more fun, if that's even possible.....Sharing parts of's daunting at feel vulnerable...but it's what moves you forward in your progress.......
This is an example of me doodling at my kitchen's art...It's practice....I'm just now finding my way....
and here is an index card I played around with for the " Index Card A Day" challenge ...I drew some of what I had doodled and colored in with Distress Paints by Ranger Ink ..


I have more stuff to share ....For now take a peek at some of my creative stuff I've worked on lately...some art journal pages, handmade foam plate stamps.......on my side bar under My Creative Endeavors.