Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Today is my Birthday !! Yay ! and some abstract art play ...

the bottom photo is just a pic I took with my camera...The top is scanned and lost color.

                                                              I played around with my paints yesterday in my art journal....I wanted to do something with an abstract feel...Here is the kicker...I wouldnt let myself use a this painting was all done with a catalyst tool , scraping the paint on...I also used black in and a fine tip applicator on Dina Wakely Heavy body black paint  then of course my finger. oh and a white paint pen to do some unreadable
I tried another one, again no brush was used...But this time I used colors that are usually not in my pallette...I do like the combination...'s my Birthday today....Guess what I'm going to be doing....yep ! playing in paint ...Bliss !!


  1. Happy Birthday (yesterday)!!! Hope it was great!!! :D

  2. Robin... I love your abstracts! I like try them once in a while and sometimes it works for me and sometimes not so much, lol! Happy belated birthday!!!