Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How Wonderful to be here !!


Some recent art projects...a few are from classes I've taken with Mindy Lacefield

Hello artsy friends.... I can't tell you how excited I am to be here , getting to share with you the process and evolution of my Whimsy and Art !!
I am going to start with going back actually, and adding pictures and descriptions of some of my early art journal pages, doodles and artsy experiments !!
This blog will be all about art...I will be making an effort to add something every day, even if it is a doodle or sketch I did while on the phone that day......it's all about the journey, the process and evolving ....Every mark you make, every time you lay a blotch of color to paper ( or any surface of your choice)every time you put words down , documenting your feelings, thoughts, likes, dislikes....it's all art...it is being creative in some way !!!!
And....I am going to be encouraging anybody and everybody, who shares this love for creativity with me, to share their art, words or marks HERE on my page.....That's what makes it more fun, if that's even possible.....Sharing parts of ourselves....it's daunting at times...you feel vulnerable...but it's what moves you forward in your progress.......
This is an example of me doodling at my kitchen table...it's art...It's practice....I'm just now finding my way....
and here is an index card I played around with for the " Index Card A Day" challenge ...I drew some of what I had doodled and colored in with Distress Paints by Ranger Ink ..


I have more stuff to share ....For now take a peek at some of my creative stuff I've worked on lately...some art journal pages, handmade foam plate stamps.......on my side bar under My Creative Endeavors.


  1. WOW!!!!! You amaze me! Love love love your creativity!!!

  2. Love it! Will be following! Everything you do is amazing!

  3. You can hear the excitement and pure joy coming through in your words, Robin. Thanks for sharing, your work is lovely as usual!